Smart Drinking

TBL Plc Commemorates Global Beer Responsible Day (GBRD) Today

Dar es Salaam | September 18, 2020

Tanzania Breweries Public Limited Company commemorates its Global Beer Responsible Day.

The day of responsible beer consumption is an ambitious initiative where dozens of countries, hundreds of organizations and thousands of people working for Ab-InBev would join their efforts to promote the idea of responsible alcohol consumption.

TBL Plc’s Managing Director Mr. Philip Redman said “As a proud part of the AB InBev family, our mission is to take our smart drinking commitments beyond our company walls and out into the communities where we work. This year on GBRD, we will be visible in most of our outlets working together with our customers to champion our smart drinking messages. We all could be champions of smart drinking, whether it is about making sure friends and family plan for a way to get home safely, talking to customers about responsible selling, developing impactful campaigns, there is so much that we can do to make sure our smart drinking dream becomes a reality.”

“Our work does not end on Global Beer Responsible Day, our aim is to continue to build the momentum going forward” Redman added.

The brewer’s effort to promote responsible drinking is in line with its Pombe Sio Chai, Kunywa Kistaarabu campaign that was launched on September 14, the campaign addresses issues around harmful consumption of alcohol by advocating smart drinking behaviors.